Our current breeding queens and our youngsters


Nashira's Samsara "Sara"

Tonkinese blue mink, DoB: 06-02-2009
Sire: Khiri Khan's Baileys Cream Dream, SIA p
Dam: IC Miranda dalla Ca' Rosa, BUR g

Our long cherished dream has finally become reality: thanks to my friend Marianne (Khiri Khan's Siamese) I have my very first cinnamon carrier kitten. Inspite of being a little pointy she has beautiful eyes and great ear-set.






Nashira's Thelxinoë "Heidi"

Tonkinese brown mink, DoB: 30-05-2010
Sire: Euro. Ch. Adatesh BrownSugar Gino, TOS n
Dam: Nashira's Scilla Nana, TOS g 32

Heidi is our first F4 Tonk and she has the classic color natural mink; therefore she will stay here.

She is a very friendly and laid back cat and gets along well with all the others.





Nashira's Tupelo Honey "Hasi"

Tonkinese cinnamon mink, DoB: 15-07-2010
Sire: Shotoku Nashira's Boy O Boy, TOS b 32
Dam: Nashira's Samsara, TOS a 32

We were very lucky that right in our first litter from a carrier to carrier mating we got this wonderful cinnamon mink girl. We think that she is the very first cinnamon Tonk in Europe. I feel that her ears are set a little too high, but otherwise we are very happy with her development so far.





Nashira's Tuulikki, "Tuuli"

Tonkinese Brown Point, DoB: 29-07-2010
Sire: Shotoku Nashira's Boy O Boy, TOS b 32
Dam: Taiyoukai Fahma al Lail, TOS a 32

Our little runt of the litter. At the beginning she looked like a little Gremlin and was very ill so that for a very long time we weren't sure whether we would be able to keep her alive. But now she growing in leaps and bounds. 

Besides that, natural point has never been my color, but through the intensive care she needed at the beginning of her life, the little louse has stolen into my heart, even though she is a little crosspatch ;-)




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