für all meine Lieblinge, die über die Regenbogenbrücke gegangen sind


You are gone now, not here anymore
after you accompanied me almost half my life
screaming, endless void without light

You are gone now, unseen traces left
impressions of eyes the color of a turbulent sea
their jewelled light never to see again

You are gone now, forever silenced
my mind a vast stony desert of empty echoes
will I ever hear music like that again?

Gone now, the comforting warmth of your body
never to leave another indendation on my pillow

In my grief inconsolable
my pain an unvoiced cry
Nobody will understand
prints on my soul
left by tiny little paws

It was only a cat

Kobold's Halina
Tonkinese Lilac (Platinum) Mink
Tyuda's Atreju
Russisch Blau
Shotoku Nashira's Boy O Boy
Tonkanese Chocolate (Champagne) Point
Nashira's Ravel Bolero
Tonkinese Brown (Natural) Mink
Taiyoukai Fahma
Tonkinese Blue Solid