About me

Since I had been a little girl I always wanted to have a pet, preferrably a dog or a cat. My parents weren't very taken with the idea, but in the end they gave in, and so, when I was twelve years old, a little farmyard kitten named Mimi came to live with us (my mother felt that if a pet, then she would rather have a cat, since at least you wouldn't need to take it for walks). For the next ten years cats were an important part of my life, but when I moved to my own apartment on a busy road, I couldn't take my cats with me, since they were used to roaming free. I often went to see them, but it wasn't the same.

After some years I felt more and more that I wanted to have a cat in my life again. I had always thought that cats needed to go outside. But after some research on the internet and in various cat books I learned that most pedigreed cats are kept indoors only and also that they are quite happy with this life. I started looking for a breed that would suit me and I found the Russian Blue, a breed that is gentle, a little shy but also majestic and affectionate. At the end of the year 2002 a Russian Blue boy named Atreju came to live with me. I had planned from the beginning that he should also get a friend, but I couldn't find a Russian Blue girl. But then I thought, maybe it could also be another breed and when I was looking for a kitten, I completely fell in love with Halina, a Lilac-Mink Tonkinese. I wanted her for a pet but soon I was so fascinated by the personality and beauty of this breed, that I joined a cat club and started going to shows. Since the beginning of 2004 I now have my own prefix and I hope that in some small way I can help to get this extraordinary breed known and appreciated in Switzerland.

My first three cats: Atreju - Russian Blue, Miranda - European Burmese Blue Tortie, Halina - Tonkinese Lilac


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