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Here we would like to present the cats that have joined our breeding programme from other catteries and the cats that have gone to other breeders from us.


Tati, a lovely chocolate sepia girl (cinnamon carrier), also left in November 2010. She now lives with Antje in Kiel, Germany, and we are hopeful that Antje will be able to establish her own cinnamon breeding program.


This sweet lilac tortie mink girl went to Rome, Italy, in November 2010 to help Mirko start his own Tonkinese cattery.


In spring 2010 I was quite desparate, because all of sudden I was without a Tonkinese boy. Then Boyo was offered to me by his breeder Joan Bernstein and  so it came about that in May 2010 he joined my breeding program, after Joan brought him to me personally, all the way from NY. He is a gorgeous chocolate, carrying cinnamon with a very sweet temper. I cannot thank Joan enough for her kindness and generosity!


This little sweety went to France in June 2009 to help Patricia start her own Tonkinese cattery.


Fahma joined us from Germany in January 2009. I'm very grateful to my good friend Carolin for "giving me back" this sweet girl from Corazón's second (and last) litter


My sweet little Püppi went to a fellow Swiss breeder in August 2008 in order to bring new lines to her cattery. In exchange we agreed that I would get two matings to get new lines myself. Now my girl Nana is 12 months old and when I asked to bring her to stud I was told that the boy I wanted to mate her to had been neutered a month prior. Sadly, I was not informed of this until well after the fact, otherwise I could have taken Nana to stud at 11 month, since she is a very big girl and has already been in heat twice. I'm deeply disappointed that I have been deceived this way by someone I considered a friend.


Pema, a blue tortie pointed girl, went to Germany in August 2007 to help with the breeding program of Monika Aumüller of Tonkanesen von den Trümpfen


"Pixeli" went to live with Tina in July 2007. She has been quite successful on the showbench. She had a litter of 5 gorgeous kittens in July 2008. Tina's cattery name is von Ashtibur


After her first litter (Rose-litter) Corazón started having problems in the cat group. By chance my friend Carolin from Berlin was visiting and took a fancy to Cora; so Cora accompanied her when she went back and had another litter at Taiyoukai Cattery


Omi was my very first own stud and the most laid-back boy imaginable. He was bred from completely new lines by my friend Angela of Smaryll Burmese to help me with my Tonkinese breeding program. He has since been retired and enjoys life as a much loved pet in a family of his own, together with his daughter Pearl.


This beautiful Blue Tortie Burmese girl joined us from Burmesen dalla Ca' Rosa in January 2005. She is a really sweet cat and great mom and has become the foundation queen for my Tonkinese breeding program. I cannot thank Madeleine enough for entrusting me with this treasure.


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