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Madeleine's beautiful Burmese in Lucerne; from her we have Miranda, the foundation queen
of our breeding program


Marianne breeds gorgeous Siamese and Oriental cats in the rare colors Cinnamon and Fawn;
her sweet Fawn Point boy Baileys is the father of Sara, our future queen in Blue Mink


Carolin breeds Siamese, Oriental Short- and Longhairs as well as TICA-Thai; from her we
have Fahma and her beautiful Caramel Tabby Point Siamese Edny is the father of Cora


Grazyna's wonderful European Burmese near Langenthal; she takes the most wonderful
cat pictures


Susanne is a very experienced breeder of Thai in the Eastern part of Germany


Angelika lives practically next to "Sanssouci"; she breeds Thai and Tonkinese; with her
lives Fahma's sister Deyna


Silke breeds beautiful Tonkinese in Bad Oeynhausen


Silvia breeds Tonkinese and Thai near Nuremberg


Françoise breeds wonderful Tonkinese in moderate type in the Île-de-France


Christel breeds Tonkinese from French and American lines near Paris


Julia is now the devoted slave of Nashira's Pax Apollo and Junah vom Rödgerwald


Ingrid breeds Balinese and Oriental Shorthairs in the Black Forest region


Carsten and Tobias breed Siamese, Seychellois and OSH near Freiburg im Breisgau


Jochem breeds wonderful Siamese, Seychellois and OSH near Frankfurt


Simone has just started her Burmese cattery


Jutta breeds Burmese in the base colors in Hamburg


Vanessa breeds Tonkinese and Siamese in the Lorraine region



to be continued...
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