New Home

Here you can see some of the pictures the new devoted kitten owners have sent us.

Mandy and Raz (Nashira's Road 2 Mandalay and Nashira's Razamanaz) were very lucky that they could stay together. They are now called Leo and Lea and during the summer month they remove to Spain with their human family.


"Pauli" (Nashira's Paul Noël) is a Tonkinese cream solid; he went to live in Northern Germany.


My former stud Omar (Smaryll Omar Khayyam) went to Freiburg im Breisgau together with daughter Pearl (Nashira's Pearl Dawn). They are now called Pelle and Lika.


Peach (Nashira's Peach Delight) now resides in the Netherlands and has made friends with the other cats in the household.


Pax (Nashira's Pax Apollo) also lives in Germany; here he is pictured with his new friend Junah.


Hard to believe but Dea (Nashira's Oradea Mare) used to be afraid of dogs. Here she is pictured with her canine friend Max.


Mimi (Nashira's Odessa Mae) enjoying the spring air on her very own balcony above lake Lucern.


Last update: 17.04.2010

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