We still have two youngsters available from our Moon-Litter:






Nashira's Titan, boy, caramel pointed


Nashira's Themisto, girl, blue tortie pointed
Misty is actually quite a pretty cat, but almost impossible to photograph
and her beautiful tortie markings just don't show well

These kittens are 4th generation out of

Nashira's Scilla Nana (Blue Tortie Mink) x Adatesh BrownSugar Gino (Brown)
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Our kittens are dewormed, receive all the necessary vaccinations and come with a FIFĂ© (experimental) pedigree and a contract. Please be advised that we do not sell kittens into households where they will be only cats or where they are allowed outside unsupervised.

When inquiring about one of our babies, please tell me a little bit about yourself as naturally we want the best possible kitten slaves for our kittens.

Please contact me for more information!




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