In memoriam



IC Miranda dalla Ca' Rosa "Titi"

Burmese blue tortie, DoB: 17-10-2004
Sire: GIC
Gesualdo dalla Ca' Rosa, BUR d
Dam: IC Jamila-Patrisha of Pitaka, BUR n

My wonderful foundation queen; she can be found in the pedigree of all of my cats.

I can still hardly believe it that my sweet little girl is no more. After Christmas 2010 she started coughing and having trouble breathing. I thought that she had caught pneumonia, but tests at my clinic showed that she was suffering from bilateral laryngal paralysis, a very rare condition of unknown origin which cannot be treated. On December 30th I let her go over the rainbow bridge.

There doesn't a day go by that I do not think of my sweet tortie Burm; she had the most friendly temperament imaginable, was a wonderful mom and one of my special soul cats. I miss her terribly.




Nashira's Ravel Bolero "Bono"

Tonkinese brown mink, DoB: 29-04-2008
Sire: GEC Vero Romeo Leyland des Vignes THA b
Dam: IC Miranda dalla Ca' Rosa, BUR g

19.11.2009: Bono is gone...
...there are no words for my pain...

I loved Bono from the first moment I held his tiny body (birthweight: 40g) in the palm of my hand. I didn't think he would make it but I supplemented him from the beginning as he was too weak to assert himself against his 5 siblings. But he was a little fighter and accepted the bottle well and grew up into a handsome lad.

At the age of about 1 1/2 half years he started to loose weight and to not eat well. Although I took him to the clinic right away and the vet team and I tried everything, in the end there was nothing but to let him go.

I'm glad he touched my life, even if he was only given into my keeping for a short time. I still miss this sweet boy of mine very much...



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